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By Chris Jacobs, Owner, A.L. Jacobs and Sons


Soufflé Pearls: Baroque and Beautiful

I came across these striking pearls during my last buying trip. These large, Chinese cultured pearls were dubbed “Soufflé” due to their colorful beauty and incredibly lightweight. Soufflé pearls are grown in a manner previously unknown to the trade. Each pearl is grown by inserting an earthen-like substance into the pearl mollusk. When the pearl is harvested and drilled, this substance is removed, resulting in a large, yet lightweight pearl. The nacre or outer skin on each of the pearls is extremely thick -much thicker than the nacre found on most sea pearls, resulting in very durable, beautiful pastel colored pearls with an amazing metallic luster. The pearls are approximately 15 to 22 mm in size, although each strand will vary slightly due to their natural, free-forming baroque shapes.I have two strands that range from 16 to 18 inches in length. Take a moment to drop by and see these for yourself. They are truly one of Mother Nature’s works of art.


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